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Q Type - Flameproof Integral Type


Q Type - Flameproof Integral Type

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Part of the rotary valve electric device for butterfly valve, ball valve, plug valve and damper, etc. do 90 degrees turn valve. Q for the one, DQ for the superposition (z-type power plus two reducer). Used to control the valve opening, closing or adjustment, can be remote control, but also on-site operation. Widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, food, textile, paper, pharmaceutical, water and sewage treatment and other departments;
Main technical characteristics
  ● Input voltage range: AC340V ~ 420V
  ● Power supply wiring: three-phase two-wire or three-phase four-wire system.
  ● can automatically correct the phase sequence of the three-phase power supply and the correct implementation of the valve on and off control, the user can freely access the electric
Three-phase power supply for the actuator.
  ● The input / output signal channels are optically isolated (withstand 200V surge voltage).
  ● position feedback 4 ~ 20mA signal load resistance: 50 ~ 700Ω, accuracy: O.5%: three potentiometer adjustment technology can be
A good tuning 4 ~ 20A feedback signal, greatly simplifying the adjustment process.
  ● With a variety of control functions can be selected through the DIP switch on the module.
    (1), conventional control mode: jog (long pulse) mode or hold (short pulse) mode.
    (2), two-wire control mode I: a signal open, no signal off.
    (3), two-line control mode Ⅱ: a signal off, no signal to open.
  ● can detect the lack of three-phase power supply. When the power supply is missing, LED lights up the alarm, automatically prohibit the actuator
All electric operation, until the power supply three-phase power until the normal.
  ● Operating temperature range: -40oC ~ +70oC.

Model specifications

       Model specifications

        Output torque          (N·M)

  Connection flange number     IS05211

Output speed (r/min)

    weight      (Kg)

    Q Integrated actuator

    05/Q1 0/020/030















    DQ Overlay Actuator (Multi-turn + Secondary Reducer)


























Ordering instructions

   ● Please press the model to indicate that the model, open, off to the required torque must be separately stated, if not
       According to the provisions of the factory to provide.
   ● The environment must contain an explosive gas and must comply with the requirements of the explosion-proof mark in this manual.
   ● If the connection size does not match this manual, it can be negotiated with the factory.
   ● Handwheel turns clockwise to close the valve, as opposed to this.
   ● The required specifications are generally selected by the user, if the difficulties can be selected for the user. 

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