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2SJ6 Series Direct-Connected Part-Turn Electric Actuator Technical Data-Conventional Type


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2SJ6 Series Direct-Connected Part-Turn Electric Actuator Technical Data-Conventional Type

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The 2SJ6 series is a new-generation intelligent electric actuator developed by our company. It is a fine and small electric actuator using a DC brushless motor. This series adopts DC brushless motor drive, non-contact Hall sensor position detection, adaptive control and other technologies, which have the advantages of energy saving, high precision, easy operation, and miniaturization. 2SJ6 series are angular stroke electric actuators, which are divided into direct connection type and base type. They are mainly used for various electric valves (butterfly valves, ball valves, dampers, etc.) that require angular displacement.
1. Some materials:
The touch panel of conventional products adopts imported polycarbonate material, which has the advantages of high strength, high transparency, corrosion resistance, and strong resistance
2. Protection level: IP67
3. Operating temperature: -25~70°
1. Some materials:
The explosion-proof electrical enclosure is made of special aluminum alloy similar to the box body, and the glass is made of high-strength explosion-proof glass; while the panel is made of imported polycarbonate, which has higher strength and flame retardancy than conventional products. Strong mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and aging resistance are better than conventional panels
2. Protection level: IP68
3. Operating temperature: -25~40°
●Intelligent chip control-The product adopts intelligent chip control, which enables the product to be adjusted in a wide range of torque, and enables the product to have higher accuracy and return difference
●Hall sensor control-This product uses Hall sensor to detect the valve position, making the valve position control more accurate
●Brushless DC Motor I. The brushless DC motor has the following characteristics: small starting current, large starting torque; soft start and soft stop, with braking characteristics; eliminate multi-level loss, high efficiency; stepless speed regulation, strong overload capacity
●Planetary gear structure: This product adopts a gear set with high self-locking degree. Compared with traditional worm gears, this structure has the advantages of high efficiency and longevity
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