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Prospects and prospects of electric actuators
The electric actuator is mainly composed of a servo amplifier and an actuator. The operator can be connected in series. The servo amplifier receives the control signal from the controller and compares it with the feedback signal of the output displacement of the electric actuator.
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Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the "2020 Petrochemical Tank Farm Summit Forum and the 2nd Petrochemical Storage and Transportation Tank Farm Measurement Control and Safety Management Technology Exchange Conference"!
On August 28, 2020, the highly anticipated "2020 National Petrochemical Digital Tank Farm Summit Forum and the Second National Petrochemical Storage and Transportation Tank Farm Measurement Control and Safety Management Technology Exchange Conference" lasted 2 days in Zhejiang Province Ningbo City ended successfully.
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The search division attended the 2020MiAS seminar
2020 air separation equipment for metallurgical industry technology and equipment safety technology seminar is referred to as "MiAS" sponsored by the metallurgical JiKong information network, China metrology association metallurgical branch, bao wu jointly organized by clean energy co., LTD., Shanghai jin kang electronic instrument co., LTD., hua yu Bertrand, hangyang, splendidness, linde, and other units in support of the metallurgical industry in air separation safety seminar.
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Exhibition Information Time: 2012/10/29 to 2012/11/02  Host City: Shanghai Exhibition Hall: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall Used Exhibition Hall: Hall 1 Organizer: China General Machinery Industry Association Edit this section of the exhibition introduction is a concentrated display The latest products and technologies of fluid machinery at home and abroad, open up domestic and foreign markets, look forward to the future development trend of fluid machinery, and effectively promote the exchanges and cooperation of fluid machinery at home and abroad, between supply and demand, and industry-university research. China General Machinery Industry Association, together with its related professional branches, Based on the successful establishment and holding of the first five "China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition", the "2012 Sixth China (Shanghai) International Fluid Machinery Exhibition" will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center from October 29 to November 2, 2012. Exhibition (IFME)” and held international technology development forums on topics such as compressors, fans, valves, pumps, and air separation equipment. The theme of this exhibition is "Innovative Energy Saving and Green Manufacturing". [1] Edit the scope of the exhibits in this section: pumps and vacuum equipment, fans, compressors, valves and pipe fittings, gas separation and liquefaction and purification equipment, filtration and separation machinery, drying equipment and other fluid machinery professional products and technologies; reduction gears, motors , Steam turbines, couplings, hydraulic and hydraulic machinery, bearings, seals, electrical appliances, instrumentation and automation control and other related supporting equipment and technologies; complete sets of technical equipment; testing and testing equipment and technologies.
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The 23rd Shanghai Multinational Instrument and Meter Exhibition
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Dongfang Hope Group Corporation Coal, Electricity and Aluminum Integration 16×350MW Captive Power Plant Project
Generator sets, coal unloaders, bucket turbines, fans, reducers, motors, powder feeders, coal crushers, loaders, coal mills, belt conveyors, coal feeders, air preheaters, boiler water circulating pumps, burners , Turbine body, water pump, high and low pressure heater, deaerator, condenser, condensation pump, main oil tank, main oil pump, AC and DC oil pump, oil cooler, oil purification device, coupler, generator set, electric cabinet, battery , Transformers, high-voltage circuit breakers, booster stations, power distribution devices, voltage regulators, batteries, de-excitation switches, cables, wires, instruments, etc.
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