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2SA5 Series Rotary Electric Actuators-Conventional Type


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2SA5 Series Rotary Electric Actuators-Conventional Type

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The 2SA5 series of intelligent variable frequency electric actuators adopts a new generation of intelligent variable frequency electric actuators developed by vector frequency conversion technology. This product adopts vector frequency conversion control, fuzzy control, adaptive control and other technologies, which can change the direction of the motor and make the motor more precise. Control, can completely replace the import executive agency. The 2SA5 series is a professional series, and its multi-turn electric actuator can be extended to linear and angular travel, suitable for various valve types and connection forms. It has the characteristics of variable frequency speed regulation, high efficiency and energy saving, slow opening and closing, precise positioning, lack of phase protection, self-diagnosis, bus technology, remote control (remote control by mobile phone APP), touch buttons, etc.
1. Some materials:
The conventional product panel and see-through cover adopt imported polycarbonate material, which has the advantages of high strength, high transparency, corrosion resistance, and strong anti-aging. The new generation of 2SA5 series adopts absolute encoders, and the see-through cover is upgraded to all aluminum The alloy mask makes the product more accurate and safer.
2. Protection level: IP67
3. Operating temperature: -25~70°
product structure:
●Cabinet material—Adopt special aluminum alloy with excellent anti-corrosion performance, high strength and light weight. For use in extremely harsh environments (cooling towers), another spray paint that protects against severe corrosion can be provided
●Variable frequency motor-can run for a long time in low frequency or high frequency state, fast heat dissipation, and excellent insulation strength
●Chinese and English display—using the LCD panel with its own font library, and the introduction of the menu design according to the habits of the Chinese people, so that the complex debugging becomes simple.
●Hall sensor—The panel adopts non-intrusive Hall sensor operation to avoid adverse phenomena such as aging of mechanical buttons
Intelligent frequency conversion:
●"Curve" operating mode
The operating curve of the actuator is "low speed, high speed, low speed", which realizes the optimization of the control process
●Protection motor
The flexible start function of the frequency conversion prevents the starting current from exceeding the rated current of the motor, thereby achieving the effect of protecting the motor
●Wide range of torque setting
The same electric actuator, its shut-off torque can be adjusted within the range of 30%-100% of the maximum output torque
Support multiple signals:
Support multiple installation methods: with GB/JB and other interface sizes, vertical or horizontal installation can be used, and can be installed separately
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